The producers at ‘Cago! in trying to cultivate our — (quote en quote) DIY feel — have lately been discussing ways to integrate other media into our brand beyond the show. I know, you’re already gagging because I said “DIY” and “brand” in the same sentence. Isn’t that the worst part of trying to make genuine art in 2018? There still has to be some curated component to it.

BUT don’t fret, because what we’re curating isn’t to brainwash you or get you to buy stuff, but instead it’s to get to know us, our show, and the general aesthetic we’re building with ‘Cago!

Part an experiment in cultivating our voice, and part an exercise in egoism that my music taste must be really superb, I’ve been curating playlists to be paired with each our house shows. The September playlist can be found here and is a balanced mix of nostalgia, change, sunshine, and rainy days ‘a’comin’.

But what I’m really here to share is my October companion piece, which would be inappropriate if it was anything other than a Halloween mix. However, I know all you nerds already have Monster Mash and Time Warp on your playlists — how about some deep cuts?

This mix has artists ranging from Franz Ferdinand to Katy Perry to Aretha Franklin, with the unifying theme being tracks that probably aren’t on your Halloween mix, but should be. At least, if you wanna be cool, like me 😎 (am I branding right?).

I’m already working on the companion playlist for next month. The working-title is also absurdly long and self-indulgent — “Your Cousin's Rooftop When You're Never Gonna Die.”

We’ll see if that one makes it past Halloween.

Stay spooky, y’all!

Much Love,