‘Cago! Episode 17: Halloween!

Photos by Stefan Carlson

Here is one of my musical comedy songs, “Hard Love”

Produced by Connor Ciesel

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a sketch show devised and produced by Mazzio

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"'Cago!" a Brand new Kind of comedy show

‘Cago! is one big party where you’re always invited.

'Cago is a brand new kind of live comedy show that aspires to create an environment for experimentation within various forms. The show is a celebration of Chicago's rich tradition of comedy, and challenges the trajectory Chicago comedy has taken -- a much more commercial route that relies heavily on paying for classes and being starstruck by notable alumni. Instead of a standard showcase -- performers come up, do their thing, and sit down -- this show encourages a community amongst performers. There isn't a moment to catch your breath during this show because it is always on to the next thing, whether a different act/form, a performance from the house band, and interjection from the host, or a performance from the producers.

‘Cago! is now officially a house show! You can catch it monthly with an amazing lineup of performers, including a new music act every month.

If you’d like to get more details about next show, message us on Facebook or Instagram, or email us at cagoliveshow@gmail.com.

(This could be you):


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