Film Revue

written by Shea Corpora, Ale Domeier, Samantha Kittelson,
Brandon Kral, Daniella A. Mazzio, Carolyn Moore,
and Marjorie Muller

conceived and directed by Daniella A. Mazzio

Film Revue is an original show comprised of sketches based on existing movies. The idea was conceived back in 2014 and was developed into a proposal for The Theatre School's 2016-2017 Lab Series. It was approved for the fall portion of the series. 

Produced over a four-week period, the first week was spent in the writers' room. The writers room for the first cycle was comprised entirely of women, with Brandon Kral brought in for the first week of rehearsals as a performer. The series of sketches were assembled into an hour-long revue that ran the weekend of November 11th, 12th, and 13th, 2016.

Film Revue was conceived as a show that could be reproduced with a low budget at anytime with any theater. The show is conceptual and features a different theme for every cycle of shows. The first cycle's theme explored Oscar-Winning films from each decade since the 1930s. This show featured sketches that satirized, celebrated, or completely butchered: Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, Ben-Hur, 1960s Musical Films (a musical medley), Annie Hall/The Godfather (a mashup), Amadeus, The Silence of Lambs, and The Artist. To represent the 2000s, the show also featured a comedic In Memorium for all the 2000s films that did not win Best Picture (set to an a cappella rendition of All Star by Smash Mouth). 


Ideally Film Revue would be produced multiple times with various casts and different themes. In the initial conception of the piece, it was intended for the show to be produced every Oscar Season in the period between the announcement of nominations and the actual presentation of the Oscars (with the show running the same weekend as the Oscars). Each piece would be based on one of the Best Picture nominees for that year. After some finessing through more cycles and new themes, The Oscars edition of the show could become an annual staple.

If interested in reading any of the sketches from the first cycle, please refer to the contact page.