The Veldt

by Ray Bradbury
directed by Adam Elliott

George and Lydia always make sure to offer their children the best, and the children's new playroom is no exception. A room that transforms into whatever environment the children can imagine starts transforming into the dangers of Africa with more and more frequency. George and Lydia begin becoming concerned with the room and the subsequent changes in the children's attitudes, but little do they know that their concern is too little too late.


George Hadley - Gil Tanner
Lydia Hadley - Julia Buckton
Peter Hadley - Ben Claus
Wendy Hadley - Jolie Morgan
Electrician/David Maclean - Michael Burton

Production Team

Lighting Design - Cassandra Kendall
Sound Design - Daniella A. Mazzio
Dramaturgy - Smeza Meza
Stage Management - Sam Kittelson and Shea Corpora
Assistant Director - Daniella A. Mazzio

Trailer by Stevie Logan